Heavy Lifting and Rigging

Tappan Zee Bridge Test Pile Installation Program

Client: Trevcon Construction Company

Project Description: This project consisted of the installation of test piles with diameters of up to 10 feet, to depths of up to about 300 feet into the Hudson River bed. The objective of this project was to obtain test data and perform load tests on these piles to provide to the various design teams for the new bridge.

Our Role: We worked with Trevcon to design various structural details for installation of the test piles and support of associated testing instruments, including:

  • Lifting pad eyes to be welded onto the test piles that allow for installation of the rigging.
  • Lifting ‘Stanchion’ which allowed Trevcon to rotate the bottom of the 10 foot and 8 foot diameter piles during initial lift of the piles from horizontal to vertical without damaging the relatively thin walls of the pile casing.
  • A steel box frame used the support the load cells, testing wiring and tubing during lifting and placement into the test pile casing.

Scarsdale RR Station Stairway Replacement, Scarsdale, New York

Client: Structural Contracting Services, Inc.

Project Description: This project involved the replacement of the staircase from the platform to the parking lot at the Metro North railroad station at Scarsdale. The staircase was prefabricated and delivered to the site in one piece. The total weight of the staircase was approximately 12,000 lbs.

Our Role: William J. Frank Engineering provided erection plans for the staircase specifying the crane size and location. The erection plans also included selection of the rigging, design of the lifting beams, and design of the connection of the rigging to the staircase.

William J. Frank Engineering was also on-site to provide construction support during the lift and verify that the lift was completed per plan.

 Scarsdale Chair Lift

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