Structural Lifting and Support

Lower Turnpike Road Over Mettawee River Structural Lifting

Client: Kubricky Construction

Project Description: This project was a rehabilitation of a Baltimore truss bridge, built in 1889. The project included removal and replacement of floor beams, stringers, and timber deck, substructure concrete repairs, pavement reconstruction at approaches, installation of box beam guide rail, and site restoration.

Our Role: William J. Frank Engineering was retained by Kubricky to provide a temporary structural lifting and shoring design of the existing truss bridge at each abutment. The temporary shoring would provide Kubricky Construction the ability to repair the existing concrete abutment and refurbish the existing truss bearings. 

St. George Ferry Terminal Steel Repairs

Client: Northeast Structural Steel

Project Description: This is a $175 million New York City Department of Transportation project to rehabilitate the ramps at the Staten Island St. George Ferry Terminal. The original structure was built in 1946 and has suffered deterioration from the saltwater environment. Various steel repairs were required to maintain the structural integrity of these important structures.

Our Role: William J. Frank Engineering was hired by the steel repair subcontractor to provide various temporary supports during the various steel repairs. Among many types of repairs, some repairs involve replacement of existing clip angle connections, therefore requiring temporary support of the existing beams that frames into the connection.

Broadway over CSX and Amtrak Bridge Structural Lifting

Client: Kubricky Construction 

Project Description: The Broadway over CSX and Amtrak is a 670 foot long twin steel girder bridge located in Rensselaer, NY. The girders are supported on three foot diameter pier columns such that the spans of the girders between columns are up to 109 feet long. The contract drawings call for removal and replacement of the existing pot bearings that support the girders on top of the columns.

Our Role: William J. Frank Engineering provided structural lifting and jacking plans to the contractor to allow for the bearing replacement.

George Washington Bridge Steel Repair and Rehabilitation, New York, N.Y.

 Client: El Sol Contracting and Construction

Project Description: The George Washington Bridge is one of the busiest bridges in the United States. Maintaining the aging steel and concrete is a constant challenge as closing portions of the bridge are extremely difficult. As part of this project the contractor was required to perform steel and concrete repairs at several locations on the New York approaches to the George Washington Bridge. Several columns originally built in the 1920’s and 1930’s were severely deteriorated and needed repair.

Our Role: To repair the columns, a portion, or the entire column needed to be removed, therefore requiring temporary support.William J. Frank Engineering prepared the plans for the temporary support columns and associated bracing. Temporary columns were required to support both the upper and lower approach ramps. Temporary support loads were up to approximately 650 kips.

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